The Personal Presence Styling Course for Influencers

Welcome to the ‘Style Your Personal Presence For Influencers’ online course. 

By the end of this introductory course you will have the confidence to Style your Personal Presence and never be invisible again.

This course is designed to:

  • Unlock your Personal Presence
  • Identify your Style Personality
  • Introduce the Personal Colourways

Are you desperate to get noticed in this crowded market?

Do you have career ambitions but are missing that ‘edge’?

Are you sick of your style and wardrobe?

Don’t let yourself be invisible anymore. Get the confidence to step out, be noticed and get the opportunities you deserve.

In this introductory information course you will:

  • Define Personal Presence
  • Recognise the importance first impressions
  • Identify your Values
  • Formulate your big vision 
  • Explore your unique qualities
  • Craft your style personality
  • Identify your personal energy
  • List your daily activities
  • Establish your style personality
  • Create your visual style inspiration board 
  • Introduce Colour
  • Explore Colour Psychology
  • Explore the twelve Colourways
  • Awareness of the personalised colour fans 
  • Have the opportunity to receive your own personal colour analysis

I’m the youngest of eight children and when growing up I often felt lost in the crowd, not heard, and invisible. This made me feel lonely, confused and I lacked self confidence.  Later I found myself again by identifying my personal presence and learning how to make my ‘outside’ reflect my true ‘inside’.

I have since specialised in personal presence styling for influencers, speakers, authors and leaders and have created this online course so that anyone can access this training from anywhere.

This introductory course is created for you as I want to make sure that through Personal Presence Styling you will never feel invisible again. 

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What's included?

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Annie Sophia
Annie Sophia

About the instructor

Annie began her career in television with the ABC working on a number of popular national daily news and current affairs programs before moving to London to work for a leading investment bank.

A successful international model, Annie fronted numerous television commercials, photo shoots, fashion parades and international events in Australia and Europe. Annie also studied interior styling, professional make-up artistry and personal training before founding her personal image branding business.

All of these experiences have influenced who she is today and Annie is thrilled to share what she has learnt to help women and men of all ages and backgrounds transform their lives through styling their Personal Presence.

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"As Refraction's co-founder my business means I'm in front of top CEO's, founders and government, and often presenting one an national and international stage. I chose Annie Sophia to take my style to a new level as my business grew.

Annie's collaborative, individualistic approach meant I was able to update my style and stay true to my comfort zone. She understood my personality, and created exciting opportunities for me to develop my style and make me feel fantastic.

I'd highly recommend Annie's services, she's really transformed not just my clothes but my attitude to how I look and feel and i can't thank her enough."

Heather Catchpole

Director - Refraction Media

"Annie is an exceptional presenter, being an expert in her field of style and brand. She has the key to alignment of brand value and self presentation and companies can learn a lot from what she teaches. Today it is all about how you are perceived, but Annie goes further, showing you how you can feel good about yourself while projecting the image that you want to project."

Tony Arena

Managing Director - Business Connection International

It's time to get the confidence to style your personal presence and never be invisible again.

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